This place is a blog. If you know me, you already know how odd that is for me. I'm generally a pretty reserved person, except with close friends, or when someone foolishly gets me started talking about one of my favorite topics (Jurassic Park, Chernobyl, biohacking, etc.) in which case I will never shut up. Outside of that however, I am not much of a sharer, so having a website dedicated to sharing my thoughts is completely new to me.

With that said, I plan to use this blog for a little of everything that I have thoughts about. Some posts may be of a more personal nature, about what is going on in my life. Others may be code blogs explaining a particularly interesting solution that I came up with to a challenge that I feel might be useful to the programming community at large. Still others may be long rants about my favorite topics mentioned above, or others.


I have decided that some of the first things I'll be posting here will be some old writings of mine. Since I've never had a blog, and I'm not entirely sure what to write, this seems like a good place to begin.

Back in October of 2018, I took a solo trip to Arizona for a few days. To some, this may not seem exciting at all. But this was a very significant trip for me, as I had never done any solo travel before. I learned a lot on this trip, and stepped outside of my (usually very limited) comfort zone many times.

A while back, it occurred to me that I should write down every detail that I can remember of  the journey while I can still remember them, so that I can read back through them later when I no longer can recall.

I broke the tale up into the individual days it took place over, and sections based on the larger experiences I had on each day.  Once I have finished editing them, I plan to post them here the same way, with each day receiving its own post, complete with corresponding photos.  Keep an eye out for these coming soon!

With that, let's begin!